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FREE Blackline Masters
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1 Per A4 Sheet
Class Legend
4 Per A4 Sheet
Monster Reading Chart
2 Per A4 Sheet
Best Worker
2 per A4 Sheet
Best Helper
2 per A4 Sheet
1 of each per A4 Sheet
Being Good
2 per A4 Sheet
Class Job Roster
1 per A4 Sheet
Class Helpers
1 per A4 Sheet
Cimbing Tally Card
4 per A4 Sheet
Class Legend
2 per A4 Sheet
Art Award
2 per A4 Sheet
Regular Recycler
2 per A4 Sheet
Tidy Desk Award
2 per A4 Sheet
Good Sport
2 per A4 Sheet
Welcome Card
8 per A4 Sheet
A range of A5 sheets, saved 2 up on an A4 page that are themed to match a selection of our popular spot stickers. Space is available for the child's name at top and a 5 x 10 grid for a daily and weekly tally.
Star Spot Achievement Chart
2 per A4 Sheet
Smiley Spot Achievement Chart
2 per A4 Sheet
Monster Spot Achievement Chart
2 per A4 Sheet
(contained in one downloadable file - link below)
A series of A4 reading awards, themed to match our stickers - simply add the relevant sticker over it's black and white print and you have an excellent low cost certificate that rewards consecutive nights reading from 25 to 200 nights.
25 Nights Reading
50 Nights Reading
75 Nights Reading
100 Nights Reading
125 Nights Reading
150 Nights Reading
175 Nights Reading
200 Nights Reading
Download Reading Awards PDF (1.62mb) 8 x A4 pages


Be a Buddy Not a Bully


1 per A4  Sheet 1 per A4  Sheet
1 per A4  Sheet
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