Environmental Policy

As a small company with a big appetite for paper, we have always tried to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. From recycling office waste paper to the bigger production issues we have always considered it to be a necessity NOT a choice.

As we are often asked what our environmental policies are, we thought it was an opportune time to make them available. This is particularly so because we have invested in state of the art cutting equipment which has allowed us to ensure all of the Discovery and Sunshine paper goods* (including gloss stickers, certificates, charts & catalogues), are made right here in Australia using sustainably sourced paper with FSC certification.


The Forestry Stewardship Council ensures that all fibre sources are from renewable, sustainably managed plantations that do not negatively impact indigenous populations and wildlife. This is considered to be the current best practice for the print industry when it comes to sustainable use of resources for present and future generations. All of our printing uses soy based inks and our swish new packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Certification of all these processes is available in pdf format on request.

*Metallic foil, hologram and scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers are manufactured overseas.

We are following industry
best practice procedures
for carbon reduction and
resource management
We proudly design all, and
manufacture the vast
majority of our products
right here in Australia